See your printed Chart before you pay!

As far as we are aware, we are the only Family Tree Printer in the World to automatically show you your chart BEFORE you decide to buy it or pay any money. Every customer gets a FREE family tree design and preview service, your tree is designed by us and then shown to you on your own dedicated website created for you by us on our own server. You will see overall and close up views of your chart and be told all of the facts about it, size, number of people on the chart, how many generations it covers and confirmation of the price, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO READ THE OVERALL VIEW OF THE CHART but you will be able to see what the layout looks like and the colours we have used and you will have the chance to alter the design. You will be able to read the close up view that is shown to you but this will only be a few of the boxes on the chart. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME BY SUBMITTING YOUR FILE UNLESS IT IS UP TO DATE AND READY TO PRINT. IF YOU SUBMIT A FILE AND IT IS NOT COMPLETE AND THEN YOU WISH TO SUBMIT ANOTHER UPDATED FILE ALL THE WORK WE HAVE DONE TO CREATE YOUR PREVIEW WILL HAVE TO BE DONE ALL OVER AGAIN. All you need to do is email us your completed GEDCOM file or the file in the native program file format as an attachment to an e-mail, on CD, or floppy disk and we will do the rest, we also have a DIRECT UPLOAD FACILITY, if your file is to large to send by e-mail or you cannot burn it onto a CD then please contact us for instructions on how to access our upload facility.

You may view a selection of chart design features before submitting your file to give you an idea of how your chart will look. Please click the following link to choose other designs and colours for your family tree print... Family Tree Chart design options..

PLEASE SEE THE LIST AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE, we will need to know what sort of chart you are interested in having printed and what details you want printed on it. By answering the questions at the bottom of this page you will be supplying us with all the information we need so that we can form your chart, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR FILE so that we can call you and discuss your chart, if you are overseas from the United Kingdom please include your full international dialing code.. You pay no money for this service and your chart is usually ready for your viewing within 48 hours. Please see our F.A.Q page for further information. Instructions on how to attach your GEDCOM or other family file in it's native format to an email follow.

If you have any difficulty doing this please contact us for help all you need to do is to e mail us your telephone number and we will call you to save your telephone bill even if you live in another country. Overseas customers can dial + 44 1902836284 or send us an e-mail telling us what program you use and we will provide instructions on how to create and send the file we need to create your chart. This is a FREE service and if you decide that you do not want to purchase your chart after seeing it you will not be charged anything at all and your information will be deleted from our system. Unlike some family tree printers we are registered under the Data Protection Act and we fully comply with the Distance Selling Regulations and the Consumer Protection Act. the security and privacy of your data is guaranteed by us and it will not be revealed to ANY other person or company.

Upload your Tree file to us

To do this simply send us the gedcom file as an attachment to an email

Please insert your name and address and telephone number in the message of the email. In addition, we also need to know the following details, we suggest that you cut and paste the following list and include it in the message body of your e-mail where you will be able to edit the entries on the list:

  • Which tree you would like printed.
    All-in-One Family Tree, Direct Line Descendant or the Single Person Ancestor Tree.
  • Name of the Source Person
  • Size of your tree: Small (upto 500 people) or Large (500 to 1500 people
  • Birth Date & Location:
    Yes or No
  • Christening/Baptism Date & Location:
    Yes or No
  • Marriage Date & Location:
    Yes or No
  • Death Date & Location:
    Yes or No
  • Burial Place & Location:
    Yes or No
  • Which Background Colour you would prefer:
    None, Grey, Tan, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Rose, Lavender.
  • Background Wallpaper:
    Yes or No
  • Which colour of names in boxes you would prefer:
    Black, Tan, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Rose or Lavender.
  • Whether you wish us to add a Photograph?
    Yes or No, please also attach your photograph to this email if necessary.

Once you have written the necessary information on this email, press [send] on your email program.

We will be in touch with you very shortly to let you know where to view your Chart.

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