Some of our customers do not want their Family Tree printing, especially if the chart is a very large one but they would like their family tree chart created so that they can see it as a whole or so that they can send it to other people so that they may see it on their P.C.


Most family tree programs will not create an All in One tree showing everybody in the file, we can create this chart for you from your gedcom file. It does not matter what program you use you can send us the gedcom file from it and we can create for you a PDF All in One Family Tree Chart.


You can then view this chart yourself on your own P.C. or send this PDF file chart to other people by e-mail and they can view it in Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free download and use.


The chart file will not be printable but can be read easily and can be scrolled on screen and also zoomed in and out when viewed on screen.


There is a fixed price of £35-00 ($57.00 U.S. Dollars approx.) for this service for trees up to 500 people with all B.M.D's dates and locations, if you have over 500 people there will be an increased charge which will be revealed to you upon application and before you order or pay any money.

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Tuesday 23 July, 2024
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