Hourglass Tree

This type of tree starts with a couple, in the picture below the start couple are the orange boxes, this type of chart will show all of that couples ancestors and all of their descendants, any amount of data can be included in the boxes such as B,M,D. etc. A printed title of your choice can be added to the chart free of charge.

The chart below shows just the direct ancestors and descendants, all siblings of everyone on the chart can also be shown if you wish.

This type of chart can be produced with or without photographs. There is a wide range of options available to you such as, photographs, box border lines, styles and colours, this chart is designed to your own preferences.

You may require something different to what is shown below. Please click the following link to choose other designs and colours for your family tree print... Family Tree Chart design options..

Due to the vast differences in size and weights of printed family trees Postage and Packing are not included in the price.

A free design and preview service is available, just ask.

Click image for larger view.

Here is a closer actual size screen shot view of the chart above.

A variety of box border line styles and colours can be selected or no box border lines at all if you prefer.

Click image for larger view.

This type of chart is created and printed by us using the Genbox family history program.

Click on the picture below to visit the Genbox website where you can download the full working version of the program for a FREE 30 day trial.

Available Options:
Add a Photograph:
Additional Copy:
Background Colour:
Background Wallpaper:
Birth Date & Location:
Burial Place & Location:
Christening/Baptism Date & Locat:
Colour of names in box (FREE):
Death Date & Location:
Marriage Date & Location:
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