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All Relatives Family Tree - This is a unique type of chart that can be created by using the genealogy program Family Historian, a very powerful all British genealogy program. Click on the picture below to visit their website.

Family Historian

This type of chart shows all your blood relatives in the family file, and all of their spouses. Your blood relatives are your ancestors, your descendants , and all descendants of all of your ancestors. That means that as well as ancestors and descendants, the chart includes all uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces (with however many 'greats' in front of them) and all cousins (even, say, 6th cousins, seven times removed); and it will show all descendants and all spouses of all of these people. Unlike an All in One tree, however, it does not usually show every person in your file. To give an example - your nephew's wife counts as a relative by marriage (she is a spouse of a blood relative of yours) and would be shown. But your nephew's wife's parents are not themselves spouses of a blood relative of yours, and consequently would not be shown.

Here is a picture of an All Relatives Tree, this picture is low quality as it's been greatly reduced in size and the picture is only intended to demonstrate the layout of this type of chart:

All Relatives Tree

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Below is a close up of an unboxed chart.
This is an example of the Standard Option where no additional information has been requested.

All Relatives Tree - Close Up

An example of the same chart with additional information added.

All Relatives Tree - Close Up with additional information

The following are included as standard on every printed tree:
- Coloured Box Lines
- All Full Names
- Birth Year
- Death Year

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