Frequently Asked Questions

We have chosen the most popular questions we are asked, if you do not find the answer to your question here please use the contact us facility to ask us your question. Unlike other family tree printers we are always available by telephone, 01902 836284 or you can just e mail us your telephone number and we will call you to save your telephone bill it does not matter if you are outside of the U.K. we will still call you even if it means an international call.


We comply fully with the European Consumer Protection Act (Internet Distance Selling Regulations) and the Data Protection Act U.K. (Registration No. PZ8045623) and all other international, internet and statute laws. This means your rights are fully protected wherever you reside. Be aware of other family tree printers who do not adhere to the same strict legal and moral standards as ourselves.

We can print your chart from any family tree program

FREE family tree design service included in the price. You can design the chart yourself in your own family history program if you prefer.

FREE preview website created for you so that you can see photos of your chart online on your own exclusive website where you can alter the design or colours free of charge BEFORE you make a decision to buy the chart. If you do not wish to buy, you pay nothing at all and your information is deleted from our systems

FREE coloured boxes, lines or text free as standard. Unlike other Family Tree Printers we do not charge you extra for printing your chart in colour.

FREE your choice of fonts

And finally our exclusive no quibble FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied for any reason with any of our products. Just return the product in good condition and we will replace it or refund your purchase price. The customer is responsible for return mailing costs.

The following options can be included on your chart but will incur an additional charge.

Colour and black & white photos included on your chart.

Tiled background images or background solid colour.

Additional inclusion of other images, coats of arms.

We print on 12", 24" 36" or 42" wide 100 gram bright white paper, you don't pay for wasted paper.

How much will my Tree cost ?
This is the most common question we are asked. Our no obligation Order Form has been designed to tell you exactly how much your tree will cost. If you complete the no obligation Order Form by ticking all of the items you require printed on your tree the total cost will appear on the form, you can select to pay in British Pounds, United States or Canadian Dollars or Euros. If you wish to have your tree printed you will need to submit your Gedcom File and complete the e mail screen so that we know exactly what items you want included on your print. Remember you do not pay anything at all until you decide you wish to order your chart, if you decide not to purchase there is no charge for the work already done in preparing your chart.

The details I want on my Tree are not on the Order Form.
There are so many items that customers may want on their tree we cannot include them all. If the item you require is included in your file it can be included in your tree.

Extra Tubes for multiple chart orders
If you order more than one chart we will supply the charts in one tube if possible, if we cannot place your order in one tube then we will use as many tubes as it takes to ship your order.

I want to know what my Tree will look like before you print it.
We agree, we offer a unique free service, when we formulate your tree we put pictures of it on your own internet preview website which we create for you within 48 hours. We then tell you where it is online and you can actually see what your tree looks like. You may change any of the fonts or colours free of charge. We also tell you the size and offer suggestions as to how it may be improved or altered. You make all the decisions, we do not print until you are satisfied with it and you are happy with the design and you wish to order. If you do not wish to order your chart then all of your information is deleted from our systems and you don't pay anything at all.

What about hidden charges ?
There are no hidden charges, the price you see is the price you pay, the only time there may be extra charges is when you require something extra included on your print which is not stated on the Order Form. Airmail is not included in the price, due to the charges made by the U.K. mailing service charts sent by Airmail will incur an extra air mail charge which will be stated on your preview website so that you will know in advance exactly what you will have to pay, there may also be an additional charge when a customer orders multiple copies of a chart or if multiple copies of a chart are sent to different addresses. An extra charge may be added to offset the extra postal charges, the charges will be told to you on your preview website before you decide to order or pay anything. Our customers from the USA and Australia normally receive their order within 12 - 15 working days.

What is a Gedcom File.
A Gedcom file is a file format which carries all of the text items within your Family Tree File. All genealogy programs can create this sort of file and you can send it as an attachment, the recipient can then import it into their genealogy program and they will have all of the data from your Family File. We prefer to use Gedcom because it is universal and the file is small in size and does not take long to send by E-mail. If you do not know how to create this file please contact us and tell us what program you use for your genealogy and we will provide full instructions, or if you wish, you may send us the ordinary back up file from your program, we have most of the popular genealogy programs available.

I cannot see the type of tree I want on the Samples Page
There are numerous types of Family Tree and we cannot show them all. If you require something different please use the "Contact us" facility on this website to discuss your requirements. We can print any sort of Tree from any genealogy program.

Can you print photographs on my Tree.
Yes we can. we will include the first one free of charge, if extra photo's are to be included there will be a small extra charge for each additional photograph. Should you wish the photo to cover the entire chart there will be an additional charge and this will be at the same rate as a background color. The type of tree you require will dictate where on the tree the photographs can be placed.

I want my Tree printed in colour.
All of our trees are printed in the colours you specify, we can print in Black only if you prefer.

How do you mail the print to me ?
All of our printed trees are mailed to the customer rolled up and free from any creases in a suitable crushproof heavy duty cardboard mailing tube with plastic end caps.

I do not want to use my Credit Card online.
We understand that some people do not want to pay by Credit Card online. Our secure payment screen is run by WorldPay. They are an international payment provider and your transaction is multi-encrypted, even we do not get to know your card details, we are notified electronically by WorldPay of your payment. Should you wish to pay by Credit Card and do not want to use the secure server you may send us your Credit Card details, by telephone or letter, by E-mail but if you choose this method please send the card number in multiple seperate e-mails for added security we can then process your payment. If you prefer to pay by cheque or Postal Order  you may do so but we will not be able to print your tree until our bankers have cleared the cheque for payment.

What happens to my information when my Tree has been printed.
Your privacy is guaranteed by us. We are governed by the Data Protection Act (UK). Once your tree has been printed all of your information is removed from our system. We guarantee that none of your data will be passed on to any other party or used in any other way whatsoever.

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